Social Media Competition 2023 - Terms and Conditions

Who can enter?

This competition is open to anyone who has had a consultation at Flex Physiotherapy in the calendar month prior to the 'draw date', unless otherwise excluded. This includes in-person consultations and telehealth (video) consultations.

This competition is not open to directors and employees of Flex Physiotherapy, or their immediate family members.

While an individual may post multiple images or videos during a given month with the applicable tags, only their first valid post for the month will be considered their entry for that month's draw.

An image or video that has been a valid entry in any given month will not be considered a valid entry if re-submitted in subsequent months.

Entering the competition is free of charge to the entrant.

Each eligible entry is considered an entrant into both the applicable monthly prize draw, and for the grand prize.

By submitting an entry into the competition, the entrant warrants that they meet the entry eligibility requirements and accept these terms and conditions in full.

How can you enter?

The entrant must create an Instagram or Facebook post containing a photograph or video which demonstrates their Flex Physiotherapy treatment in action, including, but not limited to:

- An action shot of them using their thermoplastic splint

- An action shot of them performing their prescribed exercises

The Instagram or Facebook post must include the following tags:


The entrant is welcome to post their image or video on both Instagram and Facebook, but duplications of this kind will be treated as a single entry into the competition.

Competition start date, end date, and selection processes for competition winners

This competition will run for 6 months, beginning on 1 July 2023 and ending on 31 December 2023.

A winner of the monthly prize will be drawn at random within a week after the end of each month during the period specified above from the valid entries submitted during the previous calendar month. These draws will occur:

- Between Tuesday 1 August and Monday 7 August 2023

- Between Friday 1 September and Thursday 7 September 2023

- Between Sunday 1 October and Saturday 7 October 2023

- Between Wednesday 1 November and Tuesday 7 November 2023

- Between Friday 1 December and Thursday 7 December 2023

- Between Monday 1 January and Sunday 7 January 2024

The drawing of monthly prizes will be performed by one of the three judges (the directors of Flex Physiotherapy Murdoch and Flex Physiotherapy Mount Lawley) in the office of either Flex Physiotherapy clinic, with at least one witness present for each draw.

The selection of the grand prize winner will occur at a meeting of the three judges (in person or online) between Monday 1 January and Sunday 7 January 2024. Each judge will select their 2 favourite posts based on the criteria:

- Most creative

- Most engaging

- Most interesting

The final winner will be selected from these 6 posts by a points-based vote from the judges.

In the case of a tied winning vote, the winner will be determined by a randomised selection between the highest voted posts.

An auditable record of all draws and prize selections will be kept for 12 months.

The decision of the judges is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Notification of the winning entry

Each monthly or grand prize winner will be notified by direct message to the Instagram or Facebook profile from which the winning entry was posted, on the same day that the draw occurs (see draw dates above).

The winning entry and prize notification will at the same time also be reposted on the Flex Physiotherapy Instagram and Facebook feeds.

All reasonable efforts will be made to notify the winning entrant, including via email and/or text message if the identity of the entrant can be ascertained via their Instagram or Facebook profile or from their winning post.

The notification will include options for them to receive their prize, including:

- Pick it up at their next appointment

- Have it mailed to their postal address of choice, if within Australia, at the expense of Flex Physiotherapy

- Receive their prize electronically as an online voucher ('virtual gift card')


An entry may be disqualified at the sole discretion of the judges if there is any breach of these terms and conditions, or any reason to suspect unlawful or improper conduct on the part of the entrant.

Costs and expenses

There are no fees or charges payable for entering the competition.

The entrant is responsible for any and all expenses which they may incur in entering or winning the competition.


By posting any photograph or video image as an entry in this competition, the entrant is agreeing that Flex Physiotherapy may repost or publish this image in any of their usual marketing or promotional materials.

This implied permission may be withdrawn by the entrant at any time by means of a written request to Flex Physiotherapy for the relevant image to be removed from public-facing platforms.

Any personal information collected in the course of this competition will be handled by Flex Physiotherapy in a manner that is compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles ( and associated privacy legislation.


The monthly prize will be a Visa or Mastercard gift card with a pre-paid value of AUD $50.00

The grand prize will be Visa or Mastercard gift card with a pre-paid value of AUD $200.00

The prizes are not transferrable, and are not redeemable for cash.


If you have further questions or would like clarification of these terms and conditions, please contact Flex Physiotherapy by email: