Associate Professor William Gibson
Discussing pain management

Lecture: A current 'working model' of pain

Speaker: Associate Professor William Gibson

August 2019 | Flex Physio Monthly PD Session

Every month Flex Physio puts on a professional development session for Perth physio's devoted to their academic and clinical growth.

Last Thursday we had the pleasure of hosting A/Prof William Gibson from Notre Dame University to discuss their current working model of pain.

We had a great turnout of physios who wanted to know more about this complex and fascinating area.

There was a lot of info about the latest pain research, and insights into our current best understandings about the human brain and how it responds to the potentially dangerous world around it.

There was too much to go into here, but the good news is that your Flex physio will be integrating these latest ideas from neuroscience into the way they treat each of their patients.

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Flex Physio PD Session in August