Telehealth video consultations

Telehealth video consultations

Flex Physiotherapy Telehealth Consultations

Want to consult your Flex Physiotherapist from the comfort of your own home? Good news! The Flex Physiotherapy team is now providing Telehealth video consultations. We can assess your condition and provide you with exercises, advice and an individualised treatment plan.

This service is open to new and existing patients - all you need is a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or home computer with reliable internet access.

Click here to schedule a Telehealth consultation, or call our reception team on 9332 6422 for more information.

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New Injuries

Think you may have a broken wrist? Sprained your ankle in the garden? Dislocated your finger? We can assess and diagnose your injury online via our Telehealth video call.  Our Murdoch rooms are still open for urgent care - we can fit a splint, cast or moon boot if needed. If you need an X-ray (within Australia), we can email you a referral. We are in contact with surgeons who can help if needed.  Whether you are in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or Singapore - our expert help is just a video call away.

Post-op Patients

Orthopaedic operations such as an ACL repair or rotator cuff repair require immediate and ongoing  rehabilitation. Telehealth is an excellent way to get all your rehabilitation requirements from the comfort of your own home.  The surgeons who refer to Flex Physiotherapy are very happy for their patients to be treated via Telehealth after surgery.

Will my private health insurance cover Telehealth consultations ?

Yes - from 14 April 2020 private health insurance rebates will be available for online physiotherapy video consults. Flex Physiotherapy is an approved TelePhysiotherapy provider for these rebates. Please call Flex Physio on 9332 6422 for more information.

Current and ongoing patients

We encourage our patients to stay home and stay safe (our rooms are still open for urgent cases, so we can still make a splint if a child falls off the trampoline or skateboard). We are contacting our current patients to arrange online video appointments - many of our patients have already discovered just how effective this can be.

Exercise Equipment for Telehealth Consultations

Your Physio is likely to recommend a home exercise program. If your rehab or strength program needs equipment, your physio will advise if you can adapt items at home for use, or we can send light items like theraband to your home.

Will Telehealth work for me?

There are some injuries and problems that clearly need hands-on treatment. However, a skilled physiotherapist can treat a very wide range of pain and injury problems via a video consultation. They can ask any necessary questions to understand the problem, can watch you moving the affected part of the body, can offer movement and activity advice, can demonstrate exercises or self-taping techniques ... and can advise you if your problem is the sort that requires a visit to see someone in person.