Collateral ligament sprains

What is it?

This injury is named after the ligament on the side of the finger. The ligament prevents the joint moving sideways in a direction that it does not usually allow, acting like a guiderail.

How did it get injured?

Your finger was hit from the side or twisted while gripping.

How long will it take to heal?

Typically with the correct splinting and exercise routine, you can rehabilitate this injury in about 3-5 months.


Typically these injuries are splinted part time while allowing some movement to prevent stiffness and excessive scar formation.

When do I start exercises?

You will need to commence some exercises, although when to start depends on the extent of the injury. Only start your exercises under the guidance of a physiotherapist or surgeon.

Don't start moving the splinted area until it is assessed by your physiotherapist as you may need to start the splinting regimen all over again if the exercises commence too early!